College Application and Academic Support

Rachel Shulman, a Private Tutor at Shulman & Hill, LLC is offering private college application & college academic support for veterans.

“In brief, I am interested in doing volunteer work, using the skills that I have. While I could certainly go find an opportunity to work with inner-city kids, I feel most passionately about working with veterans (though I have much more experience helping teenagers than I do adults).

I co-founded a company doing what I do best – helping students raise their scores on standardized tests (SAT/ACT/GRE, etc.), improve their writing, and do research. Specifically, I help students with their writing in general – grammar, organization, etc. – as well as with school assignments and application essays. In addition to having worked as a college history instructor, I also worked as an academic librarian, so I can help students refine their research questions and find what they need to write a paper (but so can any librarian).

I’d like to help veterans who are either in the process of applying to college – with essays, standardized tests, or even just navigating the Common Application – or who are already enrolled in college (including community college) who need academic support.”

– Rachel Shulman

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