DAV Auxilliary

An essential part of the DAV is its auxiliaries. While all of our veterans are special, no one knows more than those that are associated with the veteran, wife, son, daughter, nephew, niece, brother, sister and many more. The DAV auxiliary offers them voice in helping procure benefits that improve their wellbeing. The caregiver provision was a direct response to family members wanting to assist their veteran hero in personal care at home. Being an auxiliary member honors our veterans and shows them we care. Become a member today by going to their website; www.davauxiliary.org and click on membership.

Donate your car to DAV! It’s easy and a great way to turn your vehicle into the resources needed to help ensure our nation’s heroes have the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms their sacrifices have made possible. For more information go to www.dav.org/cars ...

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5 months ago

DAV Department of Massachusetts

DAV Department of Massachusetts's cover photo ...

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