DAV Auxilliary

An essential part of the DAV is its auxiliaries. While all of our veterans are special, no one knows more than those that are associated with the veteran, wife, son, daughter, nephew, niece, brother, sister and many more. The DAV auxiliary offers them voice in helping procure benefits that improve their wellbeing. The caregiver provision was a direct response to family members wanting to assist their veteran hero in personal care at home. Being an auxiliary member honors our veterans and shows them we care.

Become a Member of DAV Auxiliary

Thanks to dedicated members across the nation, the DAVA programs are far-reaching and the personal rewards fulfilling. Our members are diverse in their interests which is what has made the DAVA so successful. Our programs include Americanism, Community Service, Junior Activities, Legislative, and VA Voluntary Services. Foremost in our hearts is the goal of assuring benefit entitlement and compassion for our disabled veterans.

Life membership rate: $250
Age 80 and older: Free

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Family and extended family of any military veteran who was not dishonorably discharged.
  • Family and extended family of any person injured and still in active service in America’s armed forces.
  • Family and extended family of DAV Auxiliary members.
It is with great sadness we notify you of the sudden passing of our Administrative Assistant and friend Mrs. Terry M. Mate. Terry passed away suddenly, Friday, February,11th. Terry leaves behind the love of her life, Mr. Terry R. Mate, her family in Ohio, and many friends of the DAV and her church.Terry has been the Administrative Assistant of the DAV, Department of Massachusetts for over 10 years. She was the life blood of the office and kept things in order and running smoothly. The DAV was not just a job to her, it was a calling.Most important she was a kind, loving and generous person. She was a friend to all. We remember her the way she lived, honoring god, country, family, friends and those that have served. Please pay it forward and give from your heart as she did.Condolences may be sent to:Mr. Terry R. Mate535 Charlestown Meadows DriveWestborough , MA 01581 ...
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